A Place to Plug In


Our Ministries

CCMC English Ministries seeks to offer you a place to connect with friends old and new. Here you have the chance to grow together in meaningful relationships, and be firmly rooted in timeless truths which guide a healthy life.

We meet together weekly and at various times on a monthly basis. Whether you are a student in middle, high schools, or colleges or you are out of school already, you are welcome to join in the fun, fellowship, and equipping for life.

We encourage you to find the place you belong among us and allow us to grow in wisdom with you.

Bridges One Seven


Middle School Students

Bridges One Seven is the ministry solely focusing on middle school students based on 1 John 1:7. The middle school years are a pivotal time in life and Bridges One Seven seeks to provide a bridge from elementary school to high school life. During these transitional years, we stress the basics of “walking in the light as He is in the light” so that we may “have fellowship with one another.” This bridge leads to a solid foundation for high school years.



Senior High Students

Destinations is the ministry solely focusing on Senior High Students. “Where will I go to college?” “What course might my life take?” These are the questions which weight heavy on the mind of senior high students. Destinations seeks to build on a sold foundation to equip the students with truths for life wherever you end up.



Collegiate and Beyond

The refinery focuses on collegiate ministry and seeks to engage students on a deeper level. A refined woldview is necessary to pursue a purposeful life full of meaning and one with an eternal perspective.