My family moved from China to North Carolina when I was six years old. My parents and I didn't know Mandarin or English when we first moved here. They both initially worked at a Chinese restaurant while I started first grade. In elementary school, a van would come to pick me up for Sunday school from the apartments we were living at. I remember there were lots of African Americans at this church. The reason they left a deep impression on me wasn't because they looked the most different from Asian. It was because I was moved by both their kindness during our interactions as well as by their joy and thankfulness when singing at worship. With that congregation, I experienced prayer for the first time. I was amazed that as a child I could speak to God and actually trust and feel that our Father was listening.

六岁的时候,我家从中国搬到北卡罗来纳。父母和我搬到这里的时候,普通话和英语都不会。他们两个在一个中国餐馆打工; 我就开始上一年级。上小学的时候,一个公共汽车会到我们住的公寓接我去上主日学。我记得有很多非裔美国人在那教会。他们对我留了深刻的印象原因不是因为他们看得特别不像亚洲人。是因为,他们的善心在我们交流时,加上他们的喜乐和感恩在我们唱歌敬拜时,深深感动了我。在那个会众,我第一次体会到祷告的意义。我很惊讶,作为一個神的孩子,我可以向神说话,真实地信任和感觉我們的天父在听。

In fourth grade, my family moved to a mountain town. Up there, I also attended several churches. What helped my faith to grow the most was vacation bible school. During this time, we learned so many songs, but there was one song that I have never forgotten till this day, because I always return back to it, especially when I am lost or afraid. It is from Proverbs 3:5-6. And this is how it goes: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart Lean not on your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge him And he will make your paths straight."


There are many instances in my life where God has tested and deepened my faith by showing me He stays true to His Word. One example, where the gospel has really changed who I am is through my relationship with my dad.

在我的生命中, 有很多次神考验和增加我的信心, 因为他让我看到他是信实的神。福音真正改变我的一个例子是我跟我爸爸的关系。

Ever since elementary school, my dad would push me into helping him as a translator. I was very scared of being a mediator between adults. Imagine as a ten year old, helping a policeman give your father a speeding ticket.


As I grew older, there was a growing unwillingness to help out, because I felt extremely unprepared for mediating business discussions and was not interested in opening a restaurant. Although I helped translate many times, there wasn't any progress, so my dad would think that overall I hadn't helped at all. Thus, whenever my dad asked me to translate again, I would get so upset and frustrated that I would scream at him。I knew that was wrong, but I couldn't control it. My initial prays about this were to justify myself to God. Saying things like, "I'm trying to help, but why can't dad see it?"

当我渐渐长大,我越来越不愿意帮忙,因为我对调解商议的事全无准备,何况我对开餐馆毫无兴趣。虽然我帮助翻译了好多次,最后都没有进展,因此我爸爸就觉得我根本没有帮到他。于是,每次爸爸再叫我帮忙,我会生气,有时还会烦冤的对着爸爸喊叫。我知道那样不对,可是我控制不了。我刚开始为这件事祷告是为了在神的面前辩解我自己。我会说, “我已经帮忙,但是爸爸为什么视而不见?”

It took me a long time to truly turn to God. When I finally did, I asked Him to take away my anger and to help me understand my dad. It worked.

很久之后我才真正地"仰赖耶和华."我求神把我的憤怒拿走, 並帮助我了解我的爸爸. 那真的有用.

I began understanding my dad's dreams and stepping forward with confidence to help in more difficult situations. When my dad opened a sushi bar, we received a threatening letter. I was worried and unsure of how best to handle the situation, but with prayer and Proverbs 3:5-6 in mind, God showed me that he was there for my family and had already introduced me to two friends who could help me work through the difficulty.

我开始了解爸爸的梦想,也愿意带著信心,在更困难的情况下帮忙。当我爸爸开了一间寿司小吃店, 我们受到一封威胁的信。我很担心,也不知道该怎么处理这事,但经过祷告,也有箴言3:5-6在心中,神让我知道他和我家同在,他早已经介绍给我家两位朋友来帮我们度过这难关.

Although I have not been at CCMC long, my family has been wonderfully blessed by the friendships of many aunties and uncles at this church. Ever since we moved to America, they have always reached out to my mom and have indirectly taught me a lot about the Gospel and what it means to live a life for God. So, I stand here to give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; And His love really does endure forever.